2015, Year of Water

From this university’s earliest moments — from Day 1, that is — our core mission directed us to predict, then research, then systematically and scientifically solve Utah’s water problems and address the state’s water needs. We were a quick study then, and now, 127 years later, Utah State University engineers, hydrologists, agronomists, sociologists, climate scientists and other researchers across a range of disciplines are still, as on Day 1, the foremost voices on issues related to water in the state. USU’s water specialists today, in fact, are among the nation’s and even the world’s leading experts on many water-related issues, particularly in the areas of management, ecosystems, climate, water education and society’s understanding of this precious resource. We are the state’s source for water expertise — with a history to tell and a future to lead.

UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY, Water Expertise at Its Source


"Preserving our valuable river ecosystems through teamwork and expert research"

Utah State University houses multiple teams comprised of the nation’s leading professional experts in the scientific management, rehabilitation and restoration of our valuable river ecosystems — from microbial level ecology all the way through to comprehensive watershed system assessment and management. Our specialists possess the authoritative knowledge used by federal and state agencies, by management programs both public and private and by society at large to manage these precious systems.

Some of Our Experts ...

USU watershed scientists Joe Wheaton, Nick Bouwes and their students are heeding a lesson on river restoration from nature’s big-toothed engineer: the industrious beaver... Read

In partnership with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Aggie scientists are unraveling mysteries of migratory birds’ journeys to the Great Salt Lake... Read


"Developing better ways to manage and deliver the water we depend on"

USU is a global pioneer in developing better ways to manage and deliver the water we depend on. Researchers here are learning more about water management from the atmosphere, to mountain top, to seashore, to the faucet and the field. We are collecting new information at every level to help us use water more wisely.

Some of Our Experts ...

USU researchers are finding ways to minimize pollution levels in stormwater runoff.

USU researchers are finding ways to minimize pollution levels in stormwater runoff. Read

USU Researcher Aims for More Yield With Less Water. Read


"Training tomorrow’s leading voices for water issues here and around the world"

Broad in scope, USU’s water education outreach is unparalleled by any other university in the region. Research-based public school curricula, statewide citizen-science activities, free public outreach events and far-reaching Extension efforts teach Utahns of all ages the value of the state’s water resources. We also have a 100+ year legacy of undergraduate and graduate programs that have trained the leading voices for water issues around the world.

Some of Our Experts ...

The Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index, a national standard for measuring graduate school faculty members’ productivity in the nation’s universities, ranks Utah State University’s doctoral program in fisheries science and management among the top three in the nation. Read

To secure Utah’s water future, USU Water Quality Extension conducts statewide effort to educate youths about watershed health.Read


"Creating innovative tools and techniques for water conservation and climate modeling"

Utah State University climate researchers and social scientists assess societal attitudes about climate issues and the science behind them, and then we create critical and innovative tools and techniques for water conservation and climate modeling here and abroad. We are national experts on understanding societal attitudes critical to deciding how the technical “tools” or “models” are received by decision-makers and stakeholders.

Some of Our Experts ...

Drought is a reality in the West as demand for water is outpacing supply. Read

USU aquatic ecologist Chuck Hawkins is among the nation’s experts tapped for the National Climate Assessment’s U.S. Global Change Research Program. Read


"Leading iUtah: an interdisciplinary-based approach to 21st century water issues"

USU water scientists, sociologists, economists and engineers guide federal, state, local and private agencies and land-owners in research-based management to balance the needs of agriculture and our rapidly urbanizing communities. USU leads the statewide iUTAH initiative, an effort to ensure understanding of the complex interactions of natural, built and social structures and how they influence not only the physical properties of water, but how attitudes and behaviors influence water sustainability and water security.

Some of Our Experts ...

Changing Water Use Behavior Through Economics Read

In Today’s Changing World, Water Use is Front and Center Read



Science Unwrapped: “iUTAH: Science for Utah’s Water Future”

USU biology professor Michelle Baker, director of Utah’s statewide, National Science Foundation-funded iUTAH program, featured speaker at outreach event for all ages.


Multi-Scale Approach to Quantifying Non-Rainfall Water Inputs to the Surface

Dr. Nugit Agam, Margolin Career Development Chair in Environmental Desert Studies and Research, Jacob Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.


Jim Steenburgh: “Secrets of the Greatest Snow on Earth”

Jim Steenburgh, author of "Secrets of the Greatest Snow on Earth: Weather, Climate Change, and Finding Deep Powder in Utah's Wasatch Mountains and Around the World," will present a lecture at the Friends of Merrill-Cazier Library's fall lecture.

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