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Eighty-eight percent of respondents had taken the majority of their college classes on USU;s Logan Campus.

Graduating Students Survey 2013


Welcome to the Office of Analysis, Assessment and Accreditation (just call us AAA for short). By gathering and analyzing information about University activities and outcomes, this office seeks to ensure that Utah State University meets and exceeds its goals. Working with stakeholders inside and outside USU, we help establish systems and measures that facilitate and inform continuous improvement.

We provide information on USU students, faculty and the University community. Inside this web site you can find organizational charts that will lead you across campus, student course evaluation results, survey results, accreditation information, and much more. If you have questions, please see "About AAA" for our contact information.

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63.1% to 65% of the respondents said that Logan campus library staff were available and helpful, 3.4% to 4.1% said they were not.

RCDE 2011-12 Comparison

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