About Us

Utah State University Swimming is a member of Club Sports within Campus Recreation. The team provides a challenging workout to all team members. It targets competitive swimmers, triathletes, fitness swimmers, lap swimmers and any other type of swimmer looking for a challenge.

Bulletin Board

  • Workouts are held Monday through Friday from 3 to 5 p.m. The workout schedule matches the University's academic calendar holidays and breaks.

  • Dues are $70 per semester for students, and $90 per semester for non-students. A USMS membership is required to swim on the team. These memberships are not furnished by the team.




Team President

Rachel Babcock

Email: freestylinbabcock@yahoo.com

Phone: 509-953-0608

Vice President

Christie Bunnell

Email: ChristieBunnellSwims@hotmail.com



The Swimming team is sponsored by Utah State University Dinning Services