Trademark Licensing

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Why is it important to purchase licensed merchandise?

When you purchase licensed merchandise from any licensed vendor a portion of the sale comes back to USU in the form of scholarships.

How do I know if a product is licensed?

Any product that is licensed will have a Collegiate Licensing Company hologram hangtag or label. This enables you to know you are purchasing officially licensed merchandise and a portion of your sale will return to the university for scholarships.

Does a university department or campus organization need to seek a license to use the university’s logos in print?

Department or campus organization may use the university logos in printed material with prior approval. It is important to use the marks correctly, the U-State is reserved for athletics and secondary marks are not permitted except in certain circumstances. Be sure to follow the Visual Identity Policy that can found online (please bookmark this page for future reference).

What is the CLC?

The Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) is the oldest and largest licensing representative in the nation. CLC currently represents more than 200 colleges, universities, bowl games, athletic conferences, the Heisman Trophy, and the NCAA (including the mens and womens Final Four, the College World Series, and all NCAA championships). Based in Atlanta, the CLC is a full-service licensing and marketing firm, which employs a staff of more than 80 licensing professionals with the capability to establish and manage every aspect of a collegiate licensing program.

What is a trademark?

A trademark is any logo, symbol, nickname, letter(s), word, slogan or derivative that can be associated with an organization, company, manufacturer or institution and can be distinguished from those of other entries or competitors.

Who needs a license to produce official Utah State merchandise?

Licenses must be obtained for the use of any USU trademark, image, or photograph used on any packaging (including hangtags and stickers), signage, or product sold to the general public or to campus departments and organizations for resale. In addition, promotional licenses must be obtained by companies or organizations wanting to associate with the University through any use of its trademarks.

Can marks of other organizations be used in conjunction with Utah State University?

Protected Utah State University marks cannot be used in conjunction with any other mark unless written permission is obtained from the owners of the respective marks. Utah State University cannot authorize the use of marks of any other organization.

What is licensable merchandise?

Merchandise such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, uniforms, and other similar items that are produced with Utah State University's name and mark is considered licensable and is subject to the University's Trademark Licensing Policies & Procedures.

Can I use the university’s marks to create my very own "Fan Vehicle"?

Yes, with prior approval and following the guidelines below, you can make a "fan vehicle" for tailgating purposes.

  • All graphics, design, colors, etc. used on the vehicle must be pre-approved by Utah State University Trademark Licensing and Utah State Athletics
  • The graphics used on “fan vehicles” must be produced and installed by a Utah State University licensed vendor
  • Other business logos and or names can not be used on the “fan vehicle” to avoid the appearance of a sponsorship or partnership between said business and the university
  • Vehicle design can not be similar to university owned vehicles (institutional marks are not allowed)
  • Commercial vehicles can not bear the university marks (unless there is a contracted obligation)
  • Old university marks can not be used and designs must be done in good taste