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Description: State Board of Regents policy mandates the students who take credit hours determined to be in excess of the degree program requirements are changed as a supplement. The policy permits a student to petition for a waiver if the excessive credits are necessary for the completion of the student’s program of study. This policy is outlined in the General Catalog.
Description: University Policy requires students to finalize their registration before the completion of 20% of the term or session. Any registration activity after 20% will only be allowed after review of this completed form.


Academic Record Adjustments and Refund Requests should now be submitted using the new online ServiceNow form.  Please see the information below:

How do I submit a petition?

  1. Academic Record Adjustment and Refund Request Petition Form: The form you will submit is called the Academic Record Adjustment and Refund Request Petition. Before entering ServiceNow, ensure that you have your personal statement and supporting documentation ready to attach and submit. 
  2. ARA/RFR Supplemental Documentation Form: If you do not have the necessary documentation ready when you submit the petition form, you can still submit it and attach your documentation at a later date using our ARA/RFR Supplemental Documentation Form. Your original petition will not be reviewed until you have submitted all the necessary documentation using the supplemental form. 
You will find these forms on ServiceNow. Please click on the links above or go to and click on 1) Service Catalogs, 2) Registrar’s Office, 3) Registration, 4) Academic Record Adjustment and Refund Request Form. 
Description: This form is for registration functions that can’t be completed by the student in the Access/Banner system. University policies related to these registration functions, though not listed in their entirety on this form, will be followed. Policies are found at
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Description: USU employees or spouses of USU employees who are taking classes have the option to waive some or all student fees for that semester. However, by waiving these fees, the services typically available for the USU student body will NOT be available for that student employee or spouse. If the employee/spouse wishes to use some of these student services, they may select which of the fees listed below they will pay to maintain that access. Please note, this waiver is only available to student employees and their spouses and only applies to their normal student body fees. The fee waiver is not available for dependent children, special fees, books, or correspondence studies. This form must be completed each semester or the student will be charged for all student fees.
Description: Utah State University Student Account Receivable Procedures and Agreement to Pay Tuition and Fee Charges
Description: This form is to be used to request the application of specific student body fees and authorize payment from departmental resources. Use this form when providing access to Visiting Students or Scholars.