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Wellness Ambassador
Lisa Hathaway

Lisa Hathaway

Wellness Ambassador
Volunteer: Wellness Ambassador
Location:  Human Resources (HR) 109
Office Phone:  435-797-1809

I was never really excited about fitness while growing up. In fact, if anything I was completely anti-fitness. I always thought that in order to like fitness I had to love running, and I most definitely didn’t. In my mind running was painful, boring, and pointless. I never struggled with my weight or eating habits, so combine that with my dislike of running and I lived a pretty sedentary life. People were always telling me that because I was skinny I didn’t have to worry about those things. But, as I’m constantly telling people now, just because you’re skinny doesn’t mean you’re fit. And I wasn’t. I was embarrassed that a small hike would leave me tired and kind of breathless. I could only do one or two pushups before giving up. And a mile run around that track – almost a fate worse than death.

 Two years ago I decided I was done with that and wanted to do something about it. Luckily I had some friends at work who felt the same way, so we combined forces and took advantage of the great Wellness program here at Utah State. We started with something low impact – water aerobics. At first we were a little self-conscious because we were the youngest in the class, but eventually we made friends with all those in the class and we looked forward to going.

 From there we moved to Dayna’s Boot Camp. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? It was. But then we went anyway and realized that fitness doesn’t have to be boring or pointless. Dayna’s class is a “no-judge” zone where you’re all working toward the same goals at your individual levels. Since we’ve made friends with those in the class I’m more motivated to go. And they’ll hold you accountable if you start skipping class! In this encouraging environment I started noticing small improvements in my fitness.

 Now, 2 years after this journey began, I can do several pushups without stopping, hiking doesn’t bother me, I can jog a lap around the track without stopping, and I’ve participated in a 5K race. I still dislike running, but I’ve learned the feeling of accomplishment after a session of Dayna’s Boot Camp is thoroughly satisfying and slightly addicting. Fitness is now a permanent part of my life and I’m enjoying the freedom it brings.