Bike Checkouts

We provide a library of bicycles available to checkout for free. That's right! It doesn't cost you a cent when you checkout a bicycle from Aggie Blue Bikes. Nor does it cost you upon returning the bicycle, unless you have treated it irresponsibly. Since Aggie Blue Bikes is a student-fee funded program, your cost to use the program ($2.75 per semester) is covered with your student fees!

All bikes are checked out on a first-come, first-served basis, with the exception of race bikes, which require reservations.

You must provide and present your own lock at time of checkout, unless you are checking out a beach cruiser for the day, which we will provide a lock for. We recommend a U-Lock, because they are the most secure. If you elect to use a cable lock, it must be at least 10mm in diameter (see lock packaging for size).

Three Month Checkouts

Also known as our 'Aggie Blue Bikes', these bicycles are intended to be a reliable form of transportation. Cycling is a inexpensive, fun, accessible way to transport yourself, and these Aggie Blue Bikes make it even easier because we take care of ALL the maintenance for you! One thing to remember, all of our Aggie Blue Bikes are donated bikes that we refurbish and transform. 

Three Month Checkouts are:

  • Available for 3 months from checkout
  • Available on a rolling first-come, first-serve basis **What does this mean? As bikes get checked in, they become available for check-out the next day. Check out our Facebook page for the amount of bikes available or give us a call. 
  • Completely tuned up between users
  • Required to come in every two weeks for basic maintenance
  • FREE for students (staff/faculty and visiting scholars pay $5 per rental)
  • Please visit our FAQ tab for answers to some of our commonly asked questions about our Aggie Blue Bikes.

Daily Checkouts

Daily checkouts are available for a 24-hour period unless you check it out on Friday, in which case you get it all weekend!

Most users of our daily checkouts are folks who want to go for a short ride, need a quick alternative to walking, have a minor setback with their own bike, are waiting for a three month checkout, or need a race bike for competitive cycling events. 24-hour checkout bikes are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Available for daily checkouts:

  • Beach Cruisers (we provide the lock)
  • Unicycles
  • Race Bikes **Please note that these race bikes can be checked out only for races.** Please come in the week before your race and we will happily get you sized to one of these race specific bikes. We cannot check these out to you if you don't have a race coming up, sorry! 
  • Surly TED Trailer

 Commuter Club Checkouts 

 If you are having a tough time getting a three month checkout or sad to return your three month checkout we would encourage you to apply to the Commuter Club. You can check out a bike for an entire year. This is a great option for those that are interested in owning a bike but not sure that they can finacially commit to it. All we ask is you schedule time for a tune every three months and perform basic maintenance on your checkout (pumping the tires, lubing the chain, etc.). If you don't get a bike, enroll anyway-you'll get a free locker from the HPER out of it and an emergency ride home. See more information on the Commuter Club and all of the other transportation options.

To apply for an annual checkout you must:

  • Not have an active parking pass
  • Live at least 1/2 mile off of USU campus 
  • Students: Taking 9+ credits as an undergraduate and 6+ credits as a graduate 
  • Staff: Work at least 30 hours a week, primarily on the USU campus