How much do the three month rentals cost?

The three month rentals are completely free of charge, unless the bike comes back damaged, or doesn't come back at all, in which case, predetermined fees will be charged to your account.

Who can check out a three month rental?

Any active (currently enrolled) student with a valid A number may check out a three month rental. Please bring your USU ID card with you when coming to use ABB's services. Staff and Faculty can check out a three month rental for $5 a semester. Folks with spouse cards can check out a bike with the purchase of a Spouse Pass from ABB for $25. 

What type of bikes are the three month rentals?

All of our three month rentals are bikes that have been donated to the program, and transformed into an Aggie Blue Bikes. Our most common type of bike is a hybrid mountain bike, think no shocks with knobby tires. We do have a couple road bikes, but nothing fancy.

What do I need to do to get a three month rental?

Our three month rental system is a first-come, first-serve program, we do not have a wait list. Different times of the year are more popular times to rent the three month rentals, making them harder to get. Fall, spring, and early summer are high demand times, where as winter and the middle of summer are (typically) low demand times. In order to get a three month rental during the high demand times, you need to check the sign on our door, or our Facebook page and see how many bikes will be available for the next day. Then you must come in the next day and make an appointment to check-out a bike. Since the program is first come-first-serve, we will make appointments for the first people that come in asking for a three month rental (number of people we make appointments for is the number of bikes we have available that day). Sometimes people decide to arrive at ABB before we open in order to ensure they get a bike. For example: I see that there are 4 bikes available the next day, so I will come by in the morning, if I am the second person in line I will get a bike. Once you've secured one of those available bikes, you set up an appointment to come back later that day or week to fill out the paperwork, take our check-out safety quiz, and get set up on your new bike! During the low demand times (winter), you are probably safe to come in at any point in the day and check-out a bike. If the demand is high we MUST make it fair and hold everyone to the same standards.Remember, you MUST provide your OWN lock for a three month rental. We have set a more stringent lock standard that must be followed.U-Locks are HIGHLY encouraged, and cable locks must be 10mm in diameter.

What happens if the bike is stolen or lost when I have it checked-out?

Lost and stolen bikes are the worst... The very first thing you should do is Contact Aggie Blue Bikes, and obtain your bike's SERIAL NUMBER. Once you have that number, you need to call USU police and report your stolen bicycle (giving the police the serial number). Unfortunately, if your bike is lost or stolen when you have it checked-out you must pay a $350 replacement fee, which you have until the end of your check-out period to pay. This is why we encourage U-Locks rather than cable locks, U-Locks are MUCH more secure. If your bike is stolen, we encourage you to hunt around campus for it, usually they are still around.

What's the deal with bike registration?

If you have your own bike registering it a great idea! We have forms here that we take to the police so in the event that your bike is stolen you have a much better chance of getting it back. If you come into to register your bike we will knock $5 off the cost of a U-Lock! 

How do the two week check ups work?

If you have a three month rental bike, you need to bring it in approx. every two weeks so we can clean it up and fix any problem spots (it's easier for us to catch an issue early). Even if you are not using your rental, you still need to bring it for a check up every two weeks. We will typically ask you if you are having any problems, and if you are not, we will just clean it up and get you back on your way (less than 5 minutes). If you are having a problem, we will fix it. If you have been diligent in bringing your bike in for the two week check-ups, we will be much more lenient about damage fees at the end of your rental period (if there are damage fee's associated with your bike). Please remember, some fixes are more time consuming than others. We will do our best to give you an accurate time-of-completion, but sometimes the work takes longer than expected. 

Can a friend check out, or check in a bike for me?

No. When you check out the bike you are agreeing to take full responsibility for it, which includes turning it back in to us at the end of your rental. If you need to go on a trip or you are leaving for the summer, take it upon yourself to get the bike into us before you leave. We work very hard on all of these bikes and want to make sure we are able to continue offering them to everyone. There will be a $25 charge if someone other than you returns your rental.

Can I bring my bike in for a tune up?

Absolutely. The way our program works you will do all the work on your bicycle but don't worry, our mechanics know all the ins and outs about bikes and will be there to guide you every step of the way. If you aren't sure what your bike needs to get it running again bring that in too and we can assess it together. If you are a student of USU this service is free. If you are staff, faculty, adjunct faculty or a part time staff we can sell you a Toolboard Access Pass. $5.00 buys you unlimited access to our tools and our mechanics knowledge for four months. If you are not affiliated with USU you can still come in and work on your bikes, our community fee is $2 an hour or $30 annually. We also have Community Nights that are free. Currently they are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5-7 p.m. 

What cycling related products does Aggie Blue Bikes sell?

There is a $5.00 minimum on credit/debit card transactions.

Item Price
Patch $1.00
Tire (New) $20.00
Tire (Used) - Availability and Sizes Vary $10.00
Grips (Pair) $8.00
Bar Tape $10.00
Chain (Single Speed) $8.00
Chain (5,6,7,8 Speed) $12.00
Chain (10 & 11 Speed) $23.00
Brake Pads (Pair) $5.00
Freewheel (5 Speed) $12.00
Freewheel (6 Speed) $12.00
Freewheel (7 Speed) $18.00
Cassette (7 Speed) $15.00
Cassette (8 Speed) $22.00
Cassette (9 Speed) $30.00
Tube (New) $8.00
Tube (Used - When available, sizes vary) $4.00
Rim Strip (Rubber/Low pressure) $2.00
Rim Tape (Cloth/High Pressure) $11.00
Cable $2.00
Housing $1.50 per foot
Bearing $2.00 per set
Water Bottle Cage (Used) $2.50
Patch Kit $3.00
Helmet $25.00
U-Lock $25.00
Rechargeable Light Set (Front and Rear) $28.00


Want more information?

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