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Help Students Reach Their Dreams

Support Box Elder Students Through Scholarships

Utah State University-Brigham City educates students in a variety of life stages. The average age is about 31, and about 75% of students go to school part-time and have jobs, families, and other responsibilities. 60% of students are women. Many USU-Brigham City students have been out of school for a while and are returning to improve their employment opportunities by earning a degree in their chosen field.

Scholarships provide students with the opportunity to complete their degree faster by attending full-time, without taking breaks to work and save money for tuition. They also create a more educated workforce that supports local economic growth.

You can help make a college education affordable in three ways:

An endowed scholarship is one where a donor makes a gift that is invested in the university’s endowment pool. Each year, a portion of the earnings is used to fund the award to a student or students. The current spending rule for en­dowment funds is that 4% of the value of the endowment is spent on the award annually. Endowed scholarships are named by the donor. They can be named for the donor, or for a different individual or individuals specified by the donor.

Each endowed scholarship has a gift agreement that is signed by the donor and the university that lays out the terms of the gift. The minimum gift required to establish an endowment is $25,000. With the current spending rule, an endowment of that size that has been invested for a complete year will generate an annual award of about $1,000 depending on market fluctuations.

Steps to creating an endowed scholarship:

  1. Make the commitment to support USU-Brigham City students.
  2. Determine the following:
    1. Scholarship amount
    2. Qualifications for receiving the scholarship
  3. Provide a brief description on why the scholarship was created.

For your scholarship, USU will:

  • Promote the award, gather and review applications, conduct interviews, and award the scholarship
  • Provide a charitable tax receipt
  • Receive an annual financial report of the performance of your endowment.
  • Supply a report of students receiving the scholarship
  • Have the student(s) receiving the scholarship write a thank-you letter
  • Arrange a photo opportunity for recipient and donor as requested

For more information about creating a scholarship to help make local students’ college dreams a reality contact:
Dr. Thomas Lee
USU Brigham City
(435) 919-1227

The Classroom & Student Services Building

The Classroom & Student Services building is now up and running! Ground was broken for the Utah State University-Brigham City building on October 9, 2014, and the ribbon cutting ceremony and open house was held Tuesday, December 1, 2015.

The 50,000-square foot facility contains broadcast-enabled classrooms, an auditorium, a multi-purpose room, and offices for faculty and staff. It will serve the education needs of Brigham City and the surrounding region as these areas continue to grow. USU’s extended plans for the new campus include a regional research and development complex, and additional classroom and laboratory buildings.

Be a part of the new building with a paver by the Aggie A

Support from the local community has been key to the growth of our USU-Brigham City campus. Without generous donations from our community members and city, it would not be possible to provide access to higher education in our local community. You too can become a part of USU-Brigham City's new campus by making a donation.