Developing Solutions to the World's Challenges

Utah State is a Carnegie-recognized R1 institution and has been named one of the best undergraduate research programs in the nation by the Council for Undergraduate Research.  As one of the country's top undergraduate research programs, USU is constantly evolving to improve inclusion and excellence of our award-winning student opportunities.

Faculty researchers at Utah State are recognized nationally and internationally for their expertise. USU is home to more than 50 research programs, centers, and facilities such as ASPIRE, the Utah Water Research Lab, and the Digital Folklore Project.

From research on land, water and air, to space innovation, Utah State is creating transformational impact and changing lives around the world. Your gift toward research and innovation initiatives help Utah State provide an unparalleled learning environment with the facilities, services and technology, programs and expertise that stimulate and support the growth of research and technology-based enterprises.

Create Your Aggie Impact by supporting the area of research and innovation below that most inspires you to make a difference through the power of philanthropy.

  • Faculty Research: $5 Million
    Foster partnerships to enhance outstanding research and promote interdisciplinary opportunities for faculty.

  • Wellness and the Arts: $2.5 Million
    Foster partnerships to establish and maintain centers of excellence to advance knowledge and professional practices related to arts and wellness initiatives.
  • Strengthening our State: $2 Million
    Increase financial capacity to offer just-in-time learning programs and market-driven professional certifications.

  • Supporting Sustainability: $9 Million
    Help us address some of the greatest challenges facing society, including building smart infrastructure, sustainable engineering programs and the ASPIRE program that focuses on electrified transportation development.
  • Innovation and Research: $3.5 Million
    Expand boundaries of research by supporting student entrepreneurship and additional innovative endeavors with partners like the Space Dynamics Lab.

  • Faculty Research: $2 Million
    Support new faculty through start-up research grants, allowing junior faculty to jump start research and their impacts in the QCNR. Provide innovative QCNR centers and institutes to continue producing world class research.
  • Innovation: $1 Million
    Lead in USU’s campaign for carbon neutrality by 2050 through creating the first completely carbon neutral college on campus. This unique accomplishment will provide additional research opportunities for students and faculty as well as aid in attracting and recruiting undergraduates, graduates and faculty.

  • Faculty Research: $3.5 million
    Foster partnerships to promote interdisciplinary research opportunities for faculty.
  • Student Research: $3.5 million
    Create opportunities for students to engage in experiential learning and hands-on research endeavors.