Foundation Board

As Utah State University’s Leading Advocates, Advisors, and Investors, members of the Foundation Board perform a central role in advancing the university’s mission.

Board members succeed by providing strategic guidance to ensure Utah State’s academics come first by serving the public through learning, discovery, and engagement. The university’s academic and research prowess, athletic success, and unparalleled student experience are products of more than a century of support from charitable members of the Aggie Family dedicated to this mission. 

The Foundation Board aims to secure private support in its many forms and provide a measure of excellence at USU not possible through public funding alone. In turn, the university continues to make a tremendous impact on its surrounding community and on the people it serves. Each member of the Foundation Board is critical to enriching the Utah State experience.

We are grateful for each board member’s dedication to Utah State and its purpose, and we are confident their leadership will direct its continual success.


Matthew White
Vice President, University Advancement
President, USU Foundation