Building a Strong Foundation

Utah State University Foundation, formerly the Utah State University Development Foundation, was certified with an amendment to the articles of incorporation on November 12, 2002. For decades, the Foundation has supported the university’s economic development by securing grants and bequests, as well as gifts of money, property, art, and historical documents for Utah State’s education, research, and public service functions. The Foundation partners with and serves all colleges and branch campuses of Utah State. A majority of the board members have been private citizens who are neither appointed by a person who holds, or do themselves hold, official positions with the Utah Board of Higher Education.

Ultimately, it is the relationships we build with our donors and the stewardship of their gifts that continue to be our primary purpose today. The support we receive is indicative of the loyalty, passion, and commitment that is the hallmark of the Aggie Family. As a Foundation Board, we continue to inspire alumni and friends to take an active role in the university and to expand its reach, influence, and prestige, and provide conscientious service to the generous donors who support us.


Utah State University’s Leading Advocates, Advisors, and Investors


Board members are selected to serve on the USU Foundation Board because they have demonstrated a commitment to expanding the university’s circle of support. Their example inspires others and allows Utah State’s philanthropic endeavors to thrive. Board members pursue opportunities to represent Utah State and share university successes. Their consistent support motivates others, elevating the university’s capacity to offer greater opportunities. Promoting USU’s achievements deepens its impact and expands its reach.


Board members are part of a select community of university leaders who help guide the future of Utah State. They pave the way for ambitious initiatives by exploring new possibilities, guiding philanthropic programs, and opening the university to new avenues of giving with inspiring leadership. Their expertise and strategic thinking guide Utah State past unforeseen difficulties to achieve its fullest potential. Through University Advancement, Foundation Board members share their personal stories of the time, talents, and resources dedicated on behalf of USU’s success.


Board members lead by example, honoring the university with their expertise, passion, and charitable giving. Their contributions of service and personal resources to Utah State are an investment in the future of every life the institution touches and the greater community it serves. Whether it’s through generous philanthropic support during comprehensive campaigns, annual programs, presidential fundraising initiatives, or estate planning, their giving serves as inspiration to the next generation of leaders. Together, past and current USU Foundation Board members have invested more than $39 million.