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Utah State University-Brigham City educates students in a variety of life stages. The average age is about 31, and about 75% of students go to school part-time and have jobs, families, and other responsibilities. 60% of students are women. Many USU-Brigham City students have been out of school for a while and are returning to improve their employment opportunities by earning a degree in their chosen field.

Scholarships provide students with the opportunity to complete their degree faster by attending full-time, without taking breaks to work and save money for tuition. They also create a more educated workforce that supports local economic growth.

You can help make a college education affordable by making a donation today, purchasing a paving stone or creating a scholarship.

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Endowed Scholarships

A minimum commitment of $25,000 (to be paid over five years or less) is needed to endow a scholarship. Endowed scholarships create a lasting source of support for students.  Endowed scholarships are initially composed of a large gift, which is used to build a permanent fund. A percentage of the gift earnings from the permanent fund is used to award the scholarship each year.  This ensures that the original gift remains intact, allowing the fund to grow and continue to provide scholarship awards for generations to come.

Expendable Scholarships

Named expendable scholarships for students are based on outright, cash gifts that are awarded to students on an annual basis. Donors may create a scholarship of this type with a minimum gift commitment of $10,000 (to be paid over five years or less). 

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Support Box Elder Students Through Scholarships

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