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Help Students Reach Their Dreams

Utah State University-Kaysville educates students in a variety of life stages. The average age of students is around 34, with 81% of students going to school part-time alongside their jobs, families, and other responsibilities. 70% are women, 22% are 25 or younger, 54% are 26-40, and 23% are 41 and older. Many USU-Kaysville students have been out of school for a while and are returning to improve their employment opportunities by earning a degree in their chosen field.

You can help make a college education affordable in three ways:

Giving questions? Please contact:

Gayle Mahler

Help Students Grow at USU Kaysville and Pave the Way to the Aggie A

Things grow at USU Kaysville located on the beautiful grounds of the USU Botanical Center—plants, trees…and students. You can pave the way for students to grow and complete their Utah State University degree by donating a brick paver for the new block Aggie A monument at USU Kaysville. Modeled after the original in Logan, the A represents a tradition of Aggie spirit.

Inscribed with any name you wish, the brick pavers surrounding the monument will provide a permanent way to honor the names as well as a spirit of giving to help grow the next generation of Aggies. Tribute pavers are a meaningful way to recognize the individuals, groups, or companies that make a difference to you. Your entire donation of $250 or more goes to the USU Kaysville Student Scholarship Fund. Your gift will help current and future students pave their own way to success, improving themselves, their families, and our community. Preserve and become part of the USU legacy in Davis County. Grow Aggies!