May 10, 2024


Aggie Family Scholarship from United Way of Eastern Utah Serves the Next Generation of USU Eastern Students

Aggie Family Scholarship

Founded on the principles of education, income, and health, the United Way of Eastern Utah dedicates its efforts to ensuring every child is afforded the opportunity to thrive, families receive the support they require, and equitable access to healthcare becomes a reality for all. And, like many nonprofits nationwide, the UWEU heavily relies on the generosity of local businesses and individuals to sustain its operations and community initiatives.

In early 2024, a unique opportunity arose, providing the UWEU with a transformative chance to further its mission. Demonstrating their dedication to helping the community thrive, the UWEU established the Aggie Family Scholarship endowment to assist students at Utah State University Eastern who exhibit a commitment to community service.

This decision, born of collaboration and foresight, materialized during a pivotal meeting spearheaded by Nick Tatton, the president of the United Way of Eastern Utah, and the community director at Price City. Buoyed by a robust year of donations, the UWEU seized the opportunity to leave an enduring imprint on the community.

Students from USU Eastern

With a generous contribution totaling $30,000 — comprising $25,000 toward the endowment and an additional $5,000 for immediate scholarship awards — the UWEU embarked on a mission to empower the next generation. Beyond mere financial aid, the scholarship embodies a profound recognition and cultivation of the spirit of service inherent in many USU students.

This endeavor received a significant boost through a matching donation of $25,000 from the Kem and Carolyn Gardner Matching Gift Initiative, culminating in the establishment of the United Way of Eastern Utah Aggie Family Scholarship Endowment.

The decision to support USU Eastern in Price held profound significance for the UWEU, representing a gesture of gratitude toward the community that has supported its endeavors for more than four decades. Acknowledging the pivotal role played by the Price community and its local businesses, this scholarship stands as a tangible token of appreciation.

Reflecting on this momentous decision, Pam Boyd, executive director of the United Way of Eastern Utah, articulated a profound sense of gratitude.

“This scholarship transcends mere financial figures; it symbolizes an investment in the future of Eastern Utah,” Pam emphasized. “It empowers students to catalyze change within their communities, mirroring the transformative work we’ve undertaken over the years.

“In upholding its mission of enriching lives and effecting enduring change, the United Way of Eastern Utah takes immense pride in creating a scholarship poised to endure indefinitely, Pam affirmed.  “Thereby, the scholarship is laying the groundwork for a brighter future in the communities we serve — underscoring the transformative impact that collective community action can wield.”

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Michael Bowen
Associate Vice President, College Development

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