Aggie Ice Cream Donation Policy

Aggie Creamery, under the direction of the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences, contributes to the local community by providing items that can be utilize for donations. There are many important causes, however, the Aggie Creamery cannot contribute to all of them.  For this reason, the following rules apply to donations.

  1. A typical donation is valued at $50
  2. Priority is given for:
    1. Non-USU Community Groups
    2. University Student Clubs/Organizations
    3. University Department Events
  3. Criterion used to evaluate donation requests:
    1. Above priorities
    2. First come/first serve
    3. Type of exposure for Aggie Creamery
  4. Donation Request Forms must be submitted online a minimum of 2 weeks in advance.
  5. Donation Request Forms are reviewed within 2 business days, and questions, notifications, approval, or denial of the donations will be promptly given.

Groups receiving donations can list Aggie Ice Cream as a sponsor/donor on advertising materials before or during your event.

Upon approval you will be emailed a file of the Creamery logo.  This file can ONLY be used for the specific event mentioned in the email.

If you have questions about donations or this policy, please contact Bridgett Liberty at 435-797-2112 or

Donation Request Form

If approved, you will be expected to list Aggie Ice Cream as a sponsor on all advertising before and during your event. You will be emailed a logo to use upon approval.

Are you charging a fee for this event?

Requests are evaluated on a first come, first serve basis. By submitting this form you acknowledge that you have read and understand the Aggie Ice Cream donation policy above.