CAPS Group Therapy and Support Groups

Group counseling allows you to explore feelings in a trusting and supportive environment. You can try out new behaviors, improve social/communication skills, and receive feedback from others. Groups can be especially helpful if you feel isolated or are concerned about how you relate to others. As you hear others experiences and share yours, you gain support and are able to help other people as well.

Participation in any of the groups may require meeting with a group leader to discuss what you can expect from the group and what is expected of you in the group.

Fall and Spring Group Therapy

We offer a variety of groups that meet in the fall or spring semester. Participants must reside in Utah. If you are interested in attending or would like more information please contact the CAPS office at 435.797.1012 or

Support Groups

Please Call CAPS at 435.797.1012 to inform us you'd like to participate. Please note that a sign in and acknowledgement of commitment to group guidelines will be required of all in attendance each group meeting to ensure the safety, accountability, and understanding among support group members.