USU HELPS: Helping Everyone Learn to Prevent Suicide

USU Helps

This training is for any members of USU community who want to assist other USU students in distress by reaching out and connecting them to right resources. The training will cover signs of psychological distress, warning signs of suicide, review of available mental health resources, and ways to reach out. All trainings are currently offered virtually over Zoom.
All trainings are free for USU students, faculty, staff, and administrators. No registration is necessary.

On Campus Mental Health Resources

Which Department Can Help Me Improve My Mental Wellness?

The following table can help guide you in contacting the department that is best fit to meet your needs and lend you the support you need.

Therapy Type CAPS SHWC SAAVI SCCE Behavioral Health Clinic Community Providers ER SafeUT
Individual Therapy - 30 min X X X        
Individual Therapy - 60 min X   X X X    
Short-Term Therapy X X X X X    
Long-Term Therapy LIMITED LIMITED X X X    
Therapy for Sexual Violence Survivors X X X X X    
Interpersonal Violence Advocacy Support     X        
Sexual Assult Forensic Exam Accompaniment     X        
Group Therapy X   X