CAPS Telehealth Wellness Services Guidelines

All current services are provided via telephone or Zoom. As with all mental health wellness services, telehealth services have risks and benefits. Please, direct any questions about the risks of telehealth services to CAPS staff. Students must be located in the state of Utah to receive ongoing services due to mental health licensing laws.

Accessing Telehealth Wellness Services

  • Complete and submit patient information consent forms. Scheduled therapy sessions will only be held if these forms have been received by CAPS.
  • Only engage in sessions when you are physically in Utah. Your provider will confirm this each session.
  • Engage in sessions only from a private location where you will not be overheard or interrupted.
  • Use your own computer or device, or one owned by Utah State University that is not publicly accessible.
  • Connect on a private internet connection or only use a public connection in conjunction with a VPN service.
  • Ensure that the computer or device you use has updated operating and anti-virus software.
  • Do not record any sessions, nor will CAPS record your sessions without your written consent.
  • Telehealth counseling appointments occur at the time agreed upon by you and the provider. Should you miss an appointment, you must contact your therapist or the CAPS office in order to reschedule.

Telehealth Services Questions?