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05/16/2020 to 05/24/2020
From $3,490
Aggies and friends will take in Achill Island’s majestic, untamed beauty, from moorlands to verdant mountains to magnificent shoreline. Vibrant Galway, romantic Kylemore Abbey, warm and welcoming Westport, and Carrowmore Cemetery.
06/14/2020 to
From $759 
Special features of this cruise include: Glaciers, whale watching, marine and land animal spotting and Aggie-only activites
07/25/2020 to
From $1,795
The first ever Aggie humanitarian expedition will include a village driven building project with time for excursions including to Machu Picchu. Kids 8 and up welcome. Registration deadline is May 1, 2020.
07/31/2020 to
From $4,040 
New Limited Availability/Previously Sold Out
Cruise one of Europe’s most beautiful rivers. Enjoy amazing first-rate dining and sightseeing opportunities. Witness the lifechanging Passion Play, offered only once per decade.

Dear Alumni and Friends,

I am thrilled to invite you to experience Aggie Adventures, a new era of alumni travel. Join us in creating lasting memories as we savor the world’s beauty, culture, and history in the company of alumni and friends. I hope you’ll find, as I have, that our inaugural year’s itinerary promises an enthusiasm and energy worthy of the Aggie spirit and our passion for lifelong learning and engagement.

As an Aggie Adventurer, you can expect:

  1. One-of-a-kind travel opportunities across the world and close to home
  2. Immersive cultural experiences guided by trusted alumni
  3. Educational excursions guided by faculty scholars
  4. Destinations, performances, and perspectives exclusive to the Aggie network
  5. Personalized historical tours
  6. Spirited athletics outings
  7. Family-oriented forays
  8. Hands-on humanitarian expeditions
  9. Traveler-recommended itineraries (your input is invaluable)
  10. Aggie adventures for every age, ability, activity level, and lifestyle!

Whether a short jaunt or an immersive tour, we have itineraries for everyone! Allow us to do the planning while you focus on enriching your mind and engaging with the world’s finest people, architecture, sports, music, literature, art, nature, and food. We’ve tapped our Aggie connections to create custom experiences and provide superior service at an excellent value.

I invite you to discover your Aggie Adventure at Our alumni staff and trusted travel partners handle all the details for a hassle-free experience. Where do you want to go next?



Sheldon Browning
Director, USU Alumni Operations
(435) 797-7399

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