About Us

The Utah State University Analytical Laboratories (USUAL) provides testing and analysis services for soil, animal feed, manure, plants, and irrigation water.

Quality Control

To ensure the accuracy and precision of results, the USUAL follows strict quality control/quality assurance guidelines. We are familiar with EPA certification guidelines (although it is cost prohibitive for us to be certified). We participate in several proficiency testing programs including:

  • NAPT - North American Proficiency Testing Program for Agricultural Labs (and act as contract lab for program.)
  • NAPT PAP - NAPT Performance Assessment Program
  • MAP - Manure Analysis Program
  • NFTA - National Forage Testing Association (NIR and Wet Chem)


  • Inductively-coupled plasma Spectrophotometer - Thermo Electron iCAP ICP
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer - Thermo Electron Solaar S2 AA
  • Thermo Electron Spectronic 20 Genesys Spectrophotometer
  • Elementar VarioMax Cube
  • Lachat Quickchem 8000 Flow Injection Analyzer
  • FOSS DS2500F NIR
  • NIR Equations Used