Understanding Your Results

Test result are emailed and regular mailed to the addresses supplied with your samples. Reports are also sent to your county agent in case there is follow up needed on the results and associated recommendations.

Getting the Results

How Long Will It Take to Get Results?

  • Most sample results are available in 5-10 working days.
  • NIR feed analysis results are done in 2-3 days.
  • Large quantities of samples and some sample analyses take longer. Please contact the lab for information.
  • Rush jobs will be considered for an additional fee. Please contact the lab for information.

 What Is a County Agent and How Do I Find One to Help Me?

A County Agent is an employee of Utah State University and the federal government. They are experts in horticulture, agriculture, and /or livestock. There is typically one or two agents assigned to each county. You can find your County Agent's address and phone number with Utah State University Extension.

Acting on the Results

Below are links to some extension publications that may help you understand your soil test reports and help you solve problems you may be having. There are lots of other publications, as well, on the Extension website.

For Other Tests

The USU Analytical Laboratory has a very specific set of tests which can be performed. If we do not perform the test you are seeking, here are others who may

This list is for information only. The USUAL does not endorse any of the services listed and is not responsible for their laboratory proficiency.