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Upcoming Exhibitions

June Harwood: Edging Into View

August 24 - December 14, 2024

June Harwood refined a style of abstraction and compositional rigor that she had started developing around 1960. This style eventually became known as “Hard-Edge,” a term coined in 1959 by critic and curator Jules La...

Los Angeles Hard Edge

July 20, 2024 - December 14, 2024

Los Angeles Hard Edge from the Collection places the exhibition, June Harwood Paintings, into a broader context. The artists in this exhibition, as well as June Harwood, participated in the exhibition California ...


Creating Wellness

Held Fridays from September through December, Creative Wellness provides an open studio environment in which anyone can utilize the create process to promote wellness and learn about art therapy. Hosted by Susie Selger.

Museum + Music

Join us April 7th for an afternoon of music influenced by the art in "Jane Catlin: A Retrospective"!
3:00 PM - 4:30 PM @ NEHMA

Free Concert for All!

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