Faculty Research & Classroom Educational Opportunities

USU faculty are invited to utilize the Museum for their research or as an extension of their classroom.

  • Schedule a Class Session: schedule your regular class meeting in the Museum for a change of scenery.
  • Book a Tour: have Museum staff lead your class on a tour to facilitate discussions about artworks and artists on display and/or about themes relevant to the class
  • Curate a Chest of Drawers: select a group of Museum objects related to your research or class to display in a chest—each chest has 10 drawers to accommodate a wide variety of two-dimensional objects like paintings, photographs, prints, and drawings.
  • Perform Research on Collection Objects: examine Museum objects for your research in person or create a class assignment in which students do so. 
  • Curate an Exhibition: collaborate with Museum staff to produce an exhibition related to your research or class topics, including selecting objects for display, designing the gallery space, writing text materials, and creating public programs and lectures.

Faculty are also encouraged to consider the Museum for their own research, whether it be through object research, guest curating, developing public programs for various audiences, and more.

Academic Access to the NEHMA Collection
As an academic art museum, The Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art offers faculty and students special access to the Museum’s permanent collection.

Advanced notice is required to ensure adequate staffing.
Please submit your request:

  • 2 weeks prior to class sessions and tours
  • 1 month prior in the chest of drawers and collection research
  • 1 semester prior to access exhibitions