USU Student Educational Opportunities

NEHMA is a great place for students to relax, socialize, and have fun in an artful environment. This includes internships, part-time employment, leisure space, and research opportunities.


NEHMA offers internships, including paid, unpaid (volunteer), and for-credit academic internships to fulfill program requirements. Internships are available in the following areas of emphasis:

  • Art education
  • Registration and collection management
  • Marking

Applicants may be students enrolled at USU or other colleges/universities around the nation, both undergraduates and graduates. Internships typically coincide with a semester-based academic calendar, but the Museum will take interns' needs and schedules into consideration for an alternate timeline.

For more information, please contact Danielle Stewart or complete the Internship Application.

Apply for an Internship

Part-Time Employment

NEHMA frequently hires part-time, hourly students and non-students. Contact us to see if we are hiring.

Schedule a Meeting

Fill out the Student Access Form to schedule your club, Greek, or board meeting at NEHMA for a change of scenery.

Research the Collection

Fill out the Student Access Form to examine Museum objects up close and personal for fun or for your research.

Other Programs & Collaborations

Students are also encouraged to use the Museum for their own programs and collaborations. Fill out the Student Access Form to tell us your ideas!

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NEHMA Student Access Form
As an academic art museum, the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art offers students special access to the Museum’s facilities and collections.

To help us expedite your request, please fill out the Student Access Form and submit requests 2 weeks in advance.