Concentric Arcs

#03 Concentric Arcs

John Ohran
American, b. 1975

Concentric Arcs, 2000

Steel, 7.5' x 5.25' x 5'

Museum Purchase with the President’s Fund for Sculpture, NEHMA

John Ohran’s sculpture Concentric Arcs is one of the six winners of the 2000 Logan Biennial National Outdoor Sculpture Competition held at USU. At first glance, Concentric Arcs resembles aspects of architectural design, the armor of Roman gladiators, or pieces of equipment from the Industrial Age. Ohran, a native of Utah, actually created this steel sculpture in response to modern technology—he designed and constructed the entire work with a computer. Concentric Arcs exemplifies how artists often employ technology in the creation of their art, which is symbolized by the sculpture’s placement between the Engineering Laboratory building and the Science Engineering Research building.