​Untitled Mosaic

#20 ​Untitled Mosaic

Gaell Lindstrom
American, (1919–2009)

Everett C. Thorpe
American, (1907–1983)

​Untitled Mosaic, 1962

Glass mosaic, 9.5' x 51'

Museum Permanent Collection, NEHMA

One of the first public artworks on USU’s campus, this brightly-colored mosaic is installed in the lobby of the Biology and Natural Resources building. To make a mosaic, artists arrange small pieces of colored glass, tile, or stone to create a picture or pattern and then permanently attach the pieces to a flat surface with an adhesive like concrete. Under the direction of art professors Gaell Lindstrom and Everett Thorpe, a group of students from USU’s Art Department made this mosaic. Together, they used thousands of pieces of glass to create the image, which depicts scenes from the environment to reference the academic departments housed in the Biology and Natural Resources building.