#44 Opus

Larry Elsner

Opus, 1985

Bronze, 156" x 37" x 28.25"

Gift of the Marie Eccles Caine Foundation, NEHMA

Opus is a sculpture made by artist Larry Elsner, a former USU professor. Born in Idaho, Elsner taught in the Department of Art & Design for 30 years. Opus was recently reinstalled in the newly completed courtyard of the Caine College of the Arts in May of 2017. Elsner purposefully manipulated the bronze surface of the sculpture to imitate the appearance of ceramics. The shape of Opus, which is an abstract depiction of a tuning fork, calls attention to the College’s Department of Music and the Newel & Jean Daines Hall where you can hear choir and orchestra concerts as well as see dance recitals, stand-up comedy performances, films, and lectures.