Joseph Kinnebrew

American, b. 1942

SNAFU, 1999

Painted steel, 10.35' x 10' x 8'

Gift of Janet Quinney Lawson, NEHMA

Joseph Kinnebrew’s welded steel sculpture SNAFU is located outside the south-east side of the Merrill-Cazier Library. It is the most popular sculpture on campus mainly due to its nickname among USU students: “The Yellow French Fries.” In fact, students usually make a snow sculpture of a giant hamburger next the fries each winter. As seen in SNAFU, Kinnebrew works in a minimalist tradition with a focus on geometric shapes, smooth surfaces, and solid colors. He is particularly interested in how color activates his sculptures and gives them a sense of spirit or personality. While the title SNAFU refers to a confused or chaotic state, the color yellow symbolizes optimism, knowledge, and confidence.