Credit Card Machines and ID Card Reader Rentals

A credit card machine or ID card reader can be rented from the Card Office for USU affiliated events. If a credit card machine is rented, the funds from the event will be transferred to a USU Index. To rent a card machine/reader you must do the following:

Step 1: Before the Event

  • Fill out the Card Office Device Checkout form on ServiceNow.
  • The Device Checkout form with ask you for event information, the type of device you want to reserve/checkout, and the device pickup date and return date. You will also need to agree to the terms of the rental agreement, provide cashier info, and enter billing information (e.g., Index and Account Code) for transfer of any funds processed through the rental device.
  • Once the Device Checkout form has been submitted, it will go through department approvals and then final approval with the Card Office. If there was no conflict in device availability, you will receive an email notice of the approval and other instructions.
  • All personnel who will be operating the card machine must complete the USU Cash and Credit Card Handling Certification training. Once logged in with your A-number, you will start the training and will need to complete all modules/videos before training is completed.
  • If you have any questions about these steps or encounter any issues, please contact the Card Office by phone at (435) 797-3852 or come in to our office located in TSC 212.

Step 2: Day(s) of the Event

If your reserved day is on a weekend, you must pick up the machine on Friday before 5:00 PM. Otherwise pick up the machine on the reserved day and time. Instructions for credit card machines are as follows:

  • Pick up the card machine from the Card Office. The machine will be in a bag along with instructions for use.
  • Proceed with your event using the mobile credit card machine.
  • If your event lasts for more than one day, and you are keeping the machine overnight, it must be kept in a locked environment.

Step 3: After the Event

  • Be courteous of others renting the machine and return machine in a timely manner to the Card Office.
  • Please ensure that everything that was in the bag when you picked it up is returned, including the instructions.
  • If this is the last time you will be renting the machine in this time period, let us know by checking the appropriate box on the envelope. Your money will not be transferred to your department until this is completed.

The proceeds from the event(s), minus a credit card service fee of 3.5%, will be deposited in the account within a month. A sales report will be sent to you for your records.