Manage My USU Card

USU Card Online

Self-manage your ID Card by logging in with your A# and Banner Password.


Lost or Damaged Cards

Lost cards need to be deactivated online at USU Card Online.

Student holding up a USU card

The University is not responsible for the use of any lost or stolen card. No purchases may be made without the card being present.

Deactivate Card Online
You can prevent unauthorized use of your lost or misplaced card by deactivating your card online. This will freeze all funds, meals, and access into the USU facilities. If you locate your card you can reactivate it.

Lost and Found
ID Cards that are found are turned into the Card Office and held for about 1 year. We will send you an email to the preferred address in banner if we receive your card, however you may check the USU Card office located in TSC 212. More information on lost items.

Replacement Cost
A $15 replacement fee is charged for all lost or stolen cards. A picture ID is required when issuing a new ID Card.