Secure Payment Solutions

There are several payment solutions for on-campus operations for in person, online and over-the-phone transactions. We support Transact, Clover, PayPal and Big Commerce Payment Solutions.

In-Person Payment Solutions


Advantages: Accepts Meal Plans, OCC, and Aggie Express in addition to Credit Cards (including American Express); convenient automated reporting system


Advantages: Low start up and annual cost; effective mobile payment solution


Advantages: Low start up and monthly cost; mobile option available with the Clover Flex

Online Payment Solutions

PayPal Online Invoicing

Advantages: Direct billing to clients, customizable invoice templates; no start up or annual cost

PayPal Now Button

Advantages: Able to put a button on a webpage and allow customers to go to the site to pay for the service/item; no start up or annual cost

BigCommerce Online Store

Advantages: Full e-commerce store with USU header/footer templates; customer groups for taxable and non-taxable customers