Student Charge Accounts

USU offers students an opportunity to acquire course materials and computer items from the Campus Store and then pay for these purchases through the student's Access/Banner account.

There are two credit limits that are available. Students have access to the Course Material Credit Line and may enroll for access to the Computer Credit Line.

Only Current USU Students* that are enrolled for classes may use these accounts. Enrollment is required before using the Computer Credit Limit.

*Due to Athletic Funding Requirements, USU Athletes are not eligible.

Course Material Credit Line
  • Multiple Purchases
  • Sum Total up to $1,000
  • Required Course Materials (textbooks, etc.)
Computer Credit Line
  • Single Purchase (once every 5 years)
  • Up to $1,000
  • Computer (desktop, laptop, tablet, etc.)
Why Take Advantage of This

Centralized Billing/Payment
Educational expenses are grouped in the student's Access/Banner account for centralized billing.
Deferred Payments
Student Charge Accounts allow the student to acquire the materials without having to pay for them up-front.
Apply Scholarships and Financial Aid/Awards Directly
Applicable scholarships and financial awards will be directly applied to the charges in the student's Access/Banner account

Where Do I Enroll

For the Course Material Credit Line account, all active students for the current semester have been enrolled automatically and have access once it becomes available.

Before the Computer Credit Line account may be used, students must enroll (i.e., agree to the terms) each semester.

NOTE: Allow at least 15 minutes after enrolling for your Computer Credit Line account to become active.