Ticket Sales

Tickets to various events on campus can be purchased in the Card Office (TSC 212) during regular ticket office hours 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Athletic Events

To purchase Athletic tickets please visit the Utah State Aggies website or call
(435) 797-0305.

Misc. Student Events

You can purchase tickets to a student event through the Card Office. Or, if you are planning an event and would like your tickets to be sold in the Card Office, please fill out the ticket sales form and return it to the Card Office. The event must be a USU affiliated activity, all funds will be transferred to a USU Index, and the host provides the tickets. A great place to print your event tickets is the USU Copy Center located in the TSC.

Caine College of the Arts Events

You can purchase tickets to some CCA events at the Card Office. For more information visit Caine College of the Arts.