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Access career development content anytime, anywhere! Through these modules, you can gain valuable insights on a variety of topics such as how to write strong resumes/cover letters, how to ace your interviews, how to effectively search for jobs/internships and how to successfully network! The modules are filled with great, short videos and content so they are convenient to you and easy to follow. 


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Explore Majors and Careers

This module will guide you move through resources that will help you gather information and options that can be a good fit for you.

Resume & Cover Letter Options

The resume and cover letter help you land an interview, justify your skills/qualifications, and help inform hiring decisions. These documents are part of your personal brand. 

Job & Internship Search Overview

In this module we will explore job and internship search strategies you can start exploring and applying now to improve your chances of lining up a great internship or post-graduation opportunity!

Interviewing Strategies

Each of the sections in this module addresses different areas to help you prepare for an interview to the best of your abilities.

Networking Strategies

Networking is a skill that will be important in every stage of your career, so it is important to know what networking really is.

Negotiations Strategies

This module covers a topic that is so critical but is not often discussed - Negotiating Offers. Prepare yourself with the tools and resources to realize that Yes You Can negotiate offers!

Graduate School Prep Overview & Timeline

Through this module you will learn how to go about the graduate school application process effectively - from researching programs to hitting submit on the application.

These modules are filled with quick, helpful videos and information to assist you in whatever stage of career development you are in. 

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