Presentation Topics

  • Customized Resumes and Cover Letters that Work! (30-45 Minutes)
  • Effective Interviewing Skills-Virtual interview preparation included (30-45 Minutes)
  • Career/Internship Search Strategies-Including Networking (30-45 Minutes)
  • Career Fair Prep for Success- Virtual career fair prep included (30-45 Minutes)
  • Evaluating and Negotiating Job Offers (30-45 Minutes)
  • Applying for Federal Employment (30-45 Minutes)
  • Overview of Services and AGGIE Handshake (10-15 Minutes)
  • Using LinkedIn as a Career Search Strategy (30 - 45 Minutes)
  • Designing Your Life - Using design thinking to build the life you want (30-45 minutes)
  • MBTI assessment and interpretation- for USU classes, offices, departments, and local businesses, for understanding natural preferences, team building, and communication styles. Presentation times and costs vary. For more information please contact Jillian Morley (
  • Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment and interpretations-for USU classes, offices, departments, and regional businesses. This workshop is geared towards understanding how to leverage individual and collective strengths as you individually and collectively work towards success. One on one appointments or team workshops are available. Presentation times and costs vary. For more information please contact Jillian Morley (

Where & When

Don’t Cancel Class! If faculty/staff need to cancel a class due to a meeting or conference, let the Career Design Center meet with your students! One of our staff members will come and conduct a career workshop for your students while you are gone. Again, the topic can be customized to meet the needs of your students.

The Career Design Center will work with you to facilitate a tailored face-to-face, virtual, or a recorded presentation. We are happy to conduct our presentations at various locations on campus and outside of traditional business hours.

Classroom Assignments

If you would like to refer students to the Career Design Center as part of an assignment, please give us a “heads-up” so we can have materials ready. We want to ensure a positive experience for your students by knowing, in advance, the details of their assignment.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the Career Design Center directly at (435) 797-7777.