Hiring Students

The Student Employment office in the Career Design Center works with both on and off-campus employers. Take advantage of our students at Utah State University to help fulfill your short-term and long-term employment needs. This is a win-win opportunity for you and the student. We encourage employers to post positions through AGGIE Handshake for USU students. For help in posting positions, refer to our guides.

On-Campus Employer Forms

The Business Service representatives from the hiring department are responsible for ensuring the student/PT employee hired completes the required hiring forms listed below: I-9, W-4, direct deposit, memorandum of agreement and self-disclosure. Once these forms are completed, the employer will process an EPAF (Electronic Payroll Action Form) to set the student up on payroll.

Student Employment Appreciation Week

The Career Design Center hosts Student Employment Appreciation Week for Utah State student employees. This event will be held April 8-12, 2024. Setting aside a special week each year to honor student employees is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation. Colleges and universities across the country will also be recognizing the importance of their student employees during this same week.

Recognize an outstanding student within your department by nominating them for Student Employee of the Year. Nominations are open from January 8, 2024 to February 9, 2024. This timeline allows the Career Design Center to put forth the USU Student Employee of the Year Winner for further national recognition.

Take a few minutes to nominate a student employee who makes a significant contribution to your department. Awards and prizes will be presented to the nominees and winner at an Awards Recognition Reception during the Student Employment Appreciation Week.

Thanks for participating in student employment appreciation

2023 Winner: Mary McFadden

University & Exploratory Advising
Nominated by: Ruth Jensen

“Mary is one of the top performers to come through UAEA offices. She started out as a front desk student worker, but quickly took on more responsibility with projects for advisors and the department. She learned what we had to teach, but already had the unteachable skills and demeanor to be a great advisor. She now takes almost as many appointments a sour regular advisors, and her students love her.”

2022 Winner: Grady Bing

Office of Research
Nominated by: Anna McEntire

"Throughout my career, I have hired more than a dozen student graphic designers. Most of them have been exceptional, since I work with the USU graphic design program directly to recruit their top students. Grady Bing is easily the most talented designer out of all of them, and he exhibits the strongest work ethic too. We've had a lot of really great human beings in the position, and Grady is also in that top tier for professionalism and collegiality." — Excerpt from Grady's nomination form

2021 Winner: Shelby Morse

College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences - Student Services
Nominated by: Lisa Allen

“Shelby is a very friendly, outgoing, hard worker. She is quick and efficient in her assignments and duties, and always does things with a smile and pleasant attitude. Shelby is a leader among her peers and they look to her for guidance and direction. I appreciate her ability to include others, be sensitive, and open to their ideas and opinions.” — Excerpt from Shelby's nomination form

2020 Winner: Lauren Beutler

College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences - Student Services
Nominated by: Lisa Allen

"Lauren Beutler is the employee every employer hopes to hire. She is 100% reliable, demonstrating organization skills, efficiency, and accuracy few students attain. With a friendly smile, she begins each shift on time and does well what needs doing, without reminder. She has earned my complete trust. Lauren helps all who visit our office, from student drop-ins to the Student Services Director, academic advisors to the Associate Dean. She knows our programs, improves our procedures, and completes tasks without hesitation. Our office is better because of Lauren’s talent and work ethic. It is my honor to recognize her brilliant work." — Excerpt from Lauren's nomination form

2019 Winner: Levi Wilkes

Biology Department
Nominated by: Diane Alston, Alan Savitzky, Nancy Kay Pierson

"Levi is completely trustworthy, timely in arriving to work, completes his fully scheduled work hours, and is discrete, when necessary. Levi assists with running the main office with a high level of courtesy, skill, and aplomb. Levi is always calm and courteous to everyone. He is affable and kind. He treats everyone with respect. He is fun and enjoyable in the work environment. He takes his job seriously, yet with a personable attitude." — Excerpt from Levi's nomination form