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AGGIE Handshake is USU Career Design Center’s online system for posting jobs,
internships, and career positions. AGGIE Handshake will offers many beneficial features such as:

  • Managing all your job postings and campuses in one place.
  • A mobile experience - update your job postings, view applicants, and more all while on the go using Handshake's responsive design.
  • Engaging with students and alumni in the AGGIE Handshake community.

The purpose of this page is to help with set up and troubleshooting for students, employers, &
USU staff/faculty. The above buttons allow for the following:

  • Login to Handshake: this link allows for all to sign into USU AGGIE Handshake. If you are
    a student, login with your A Number. If you are staff, faculty, or an employer, use the
    email associated with your account to login.
  • Handshake Support: Troubleshoot any issue you are experiencing with Handshake
    guides or contact a Handshake Support rep by submitting a request with the site’s chat
  • Handshake Academy: Completely new to all things Handshake? This resource is great
    dive into what Handshake offers and how to get started. Resources for students,
    employers, staff, and faculty are available.
  • Post a Position: Are you a USU faculty/staff member new to sharing positions to
    students? Or are you an employer newly connected with USU Handshake looking to
    create a job posting? This page will walk you through the creation process as well USU
    guidelines and policies for job postings shared with USU students and alumni.


Are you a freshman looking for ways to earn money while in school? Needing an internship to
get hands on experience? Or are you a graduating senior not sure what to do post school? An
AGGIE Handshake profile connects you with employers, part time and full, through job postings
and networking opportunities. Set up your free account to get access to:

  • Finding a job/internship
  • Connecting with employers
  • Finding career events & fairs

Important tips

  • Use your A Number & USU email address to set up your account.
  • Fill out your profile completely in order to attract the attention of employers.
  • Set up your notifications to receive alerts from job postings & messaging.
  • Download the Handshake app to take it on the go.
  • Contact the Career Design Center if you have any questions!

Faculty & Staff

To post positions in Handshake, an employer account is required for USU faculty & staff. USU
Departments are set up with employer profiles that your employer account is added to. Talk
with your Business Services contact to know where in Handshake your department is listed. To
review USU Posting Policies, please navigate to the Post a Position page.

Important tips

  • Do not use your A number to set up your account. This will set up a student account. An email address must be used to set up an employer account.
  • A student account prevents the creation of an employer account. To connect a student to an employer account, the instructions in this guide must be followed:

AGGIE Handshake Staff & Faculty Guide

This guide goes over the following information in greater detail

  • Accessing your AGGIE Handshake account & completing your profile.
  • How to manage your AGGIE Handshake Employer Account
  • How to post a job on AGGIE Handshake

Please contact Handshake Support if you experience difficulties with this process.


To share positions with USU students and alumni, a connection with USU in AGGIE Handshake is
required. Employers create an individual account that is then housed in an employer profile for
the organization. Organizations must undergo vetting by the Career Design Center before
positions can be shared or registering for events and fairs. To review USU Posting Policies,
please navigate to the Post a Position page. 

Struggling with an issue? Handshake Support provides additional guides as well as a chat feature to submit help requests to Support Representatives. Find help here: Handshake Help Center

AGGIE Handshake Employer Guide

This guide goes over the following information in greater detail:

  • Accessing your AGGIE handshake account & completing your profile
    • Employer with an AGGIE Handshake account
    • Employer without an AGGIE Handshake account
    • Join a company
    • Create a new company or search for a company
    • School network management
  • How to post a job to your AGGIE Handshake account