Shadowing at IHC facilities

IHC Logan Regional Hospital

Minimum criteria:

  • USU student in good standing
  • Minimum 60 earned college credits including some professional school prerequisites. (exception - pre-radiologic science students must have completed one year of prerequisites)

These contracts are short-term and must be renewed for each 12-hour shadowing opportunity. If you are interested in shadowing in the Emergency Room, Anesthesiology,or Radiology follow the steps listed below.

IHC Budge Clinic

Michelle Hansen


If you are interested in other departments and/or specific physicians you will contact Michelle Hansen and follow her directions.

Are you are a current IHC employee or volunteer?

Step 1  

Fill out the IHC Student Information Form and attach in an email to Yvonne ( or University Inn 102). Please save document as

Last name.First name.IHC

In the email subject line state 'IHC Student Information Form'.

Please refer to the Example Student Information Form for instructions on filling this form out correctly. You can find a list of IHC departments here.

Step 2a.  

IHC will approve or decline your request through email.  If you are approved you will receive links and information about orientation.  You should begin this orientation education as soon as possible. If any part of the orientation or paperwork is confusing to you, please feel free to make an appointment with Yvonne by calling 435-797-7777. We are happy to help you through the process!


You will set up an account with CertifiedBackground.   CertifiedBackground is an independent contractor that will verify that you are up-to-date on your required immunizations.  The Certified Background Profile form will guide you on setting up your account and the exact steps in verifying immunity. There is a one-time $20 cost to use this software.

Step 3a.  

When your immunizations are up-to-date and recorded in your CertifiedBackground account, e-mail Yvonne. She will fill out the Student Prerequisite Testing Verification List form and submit it to IHC.


Follow the IHC Guidelines and steps and return the Orientation materials directly to IHC.

IHC employees and volunteers


Step 1

Email Yvonne Kobe The email must include your name, A-number, and if you are a volunteer or employee. She will send an email to the IHC coordinator verifying that you are a current student and in good standing.

Step 2

Obtain a copy of your immunization records from the IHC Employee Health Nurse (435) 716-5505 and submit them to the IHC Coordinator.


You must complete all steps listed above except step 3b. You will complete this immunization requirement by obtaining your immunization records from the IHC Employee Health Nurse (435) 716-5505 and submitting them with your Orientation materials.