Misconduct & Non-Compliance Reporting

Find general categories of misconduct and non-compliance and the office responsible for reporting and response.


Bias, Discrimination, Harrassment

  • For bias, discrimination or harassment based on race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age (over 40 years), marital status, disability, parental status, veteran status, pregnancy status, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, contact the Office of Equity, or use their reporting system.

Sexual Misconduct

  • Sexual misconduct, including relationship violence, stalking, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and discrimination based on gender (gender-based discrimination includes treating someone differently due to their gender, gender identity/expression, or sexual orientation), contact the Title IX Coordinator, or use the Office of Equity Reporting System.

Employment & Human Resources

  • Employee non-compliance; misuse or misappropriation of University property or equipment; non-compliance with Policy 550, "Appropriate of Computing, Networking and Information Resources" and employee discipline and terminations; child pornography violations, contact the Human Resources, Risk Management, Information Technology, or Public Safety offices, or call (435) 797-5652.
  • Abuses in wages, overtime benefits, vacation, hiring, advancement, contact the Human Resources office or call (435) 797-1815.
  • Conflicts of Interest and non-compliance with the Utah Employee Ethics Act or nepotism, contact the Human Resources or Risk Management offices, or call (435) 797-5652.


Health & Safety

  • Non-compliance with environmental regulations, unsafe facilities, lab safety, controlled substances in research, contact the Environmental Health & Safety Office, use the Incident/Near-miss Reporting form, or call (435) 797-1701.
  • Food handling, contact Dining Services or call (435) 797-1701.
  • Healthcare services, contact the SCCE Office of Compliance or call (435) 797-0141.
  • Unsafe activities on campus, contact Risk Management or call (435) 797-0483.
  • Animal mistreatment not related to research, contact the Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee by phone at (435) 797-1886 or use the Animal Care Reporting process.

Information Privacy & Security

  • Mishandling of Protected Health Information, contact the USU HIPAA Privacy or Security Officer by calling (435) 797-8305.
  • Mishandling of student records and other Personally Identifiable Information, contact the Registrar, Data Protection Officer by calling (435) 797-1014.


  • Research-related conflicts of Interest under Policy 307, Scientific Misconduct (Falsification, Fabrication or Plagiarism), contact the Research Integrity & Compliance Office by calling (435) 797-0186
  • Human subjects research, contact the Human Research Protection Office by calling (435) 797-0567
  • Research-related animal care and use, contact the Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee by calling (435) 797-1886 or report your concerns using the Animal Care Reporting form

Student Concerns

  • Student Code Violations, student complaints regarding grading policies, classroom environments,instructor policies and programmatic concerns, contact Student Conduct & Community Standards Office by calling (435) 797-3137.
  • Graduate degree requirements, mentor/trainee relations, contact the School of Graduate Studies by calling (435) 797-1189.
  • Accessibility in campus housing, academic programs or campus activities based on disability, contact the Disability Resource Center by calling (435) 797-2444.
  • Election violations, contact Student Involvement & Leadership or use the USUSA Election Grievance Form.

Public Safety

  • Criminal behavior on campus (emergency and on-going activity), contact the Office of Public Safety by dialing 911.
  • Criminal behavior on campus (non-emergency), contact contact the Office of Public Safety or use the Public Safety Reporting system.
  • [Students of Concern]