Addressing Suspected Misconduct & Non-compliance

USU is committed to compliance with all applicable Federal and State statutes and regulations and with USU policies, and to providing a safe environment in which students, employees and visitors may, in good faith, report reasonable suspicions of compliance violations.  All employees are expected to report known or suspected non-compliance.

If you are reporting an event presenting an immediate threat to life or property, or if you require emergency assistance, dial 911 immediately.

Reporting Methods Best Suited to Reports of Misconduct

For non-emergency reporting, a number of avenues are available to members of the public and the USU community.  For many issues, reporting your concerns directly to your manager, or other unit leaders or supervisors is encouraged. In addition USU Policy 10xx, “Reporting Suspected Misconduct," includes a listing of University Offices that Address Concerns of Misconduct with direct contact information. The list provides contacts for an array of common compliance topics addressed by entities within the university. 

For the following serious incidents, report through the systems listed:

Equity Office

Equity Office Reporting

Sexual misconduct, including relationship violence, stalking, sexual harassment and sexual assault. Also incidents of bias, discrimination or harassment based on race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age (over 40 years), marital status, disability, parental status, veteran status, pregnancy status, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

Fiscal Misconduct

Fiscal Misconduct Reporting

Fraud, waste, and abuse; theft, embezzlement, forgery and contract manipulation. Also unethical systematic recording of business and financial transactions that improperly enrich perpetrators or others.

Public Safety

Public Safety Reporting

Non-emergency criminal behavior on campus.

Student of Concern

Student of Concern Reporting

Student of Concern – an individual exhibiting behaviors or expressing ideas that give cause for concern either for the safety of the individual or for others.

Anonymous Reporting Using the USU Reporting Hotline

In addition to the contacts provided above, USU also supports the Reporting Hotline System.  the University acknowledges that there may be circumstances where reporting directly to a manager or other unit leader is not seen as a viable option for the reporter. The USU Hotline is available continuously, and should be used in these circumstances. Visit the USU Hotline Reporting System (hosted by EthicsPoint).