USU Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment is a partnership between your high school and Utah State University. It offers students the opportunity to take select college courses while in high school. Visit with your high school counselor to see which courses may be right for you.


Registration Event 1st Tri 2nd Tri 3rd Tri Fall Sem Spring Sem Year Long 1st+2nd Tri 2nd+3rd Tri
Registration Opens Aug 8 Nov 4 Feb 10 Aug 8 Dec 16 Aug 8 Aug 8 Nov 4
Last Day to Add w/out Late Fee or Drop w/Refund (payment deadline) Sep 13 Dec 13 Mar 31 Sep 13 Jan 27 Oct 18 Oct 4 Jan 3
Last Day to Add w/Late Fee or Withdraw (no refund) Oct 18 Jan 17 Apr 25  Oct 31 Mar 21 Feb 21 Dec 13 Mar 14