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All of the forms listed in the pages above, as well as a few other assorted forms, can be found in the table below. You can use the filtering feature on the right to help narrow down the list to the specific document you are seeking.

Document Description Used By Filetype
All Card & P-Card Online Application Form This is a Service Now application. You will need your A# and password to log in. All approvals will be routed to the appropriate parties for authorization. P-Cards PAGE
Banner Finance Organization Security Access Request Form This form is to grant authorization for additional staff to have access to your Banner financial data. You can run the Organization Hierarchy Report for a detailed overview of your financial hierarchy and to view current security. Finance Security PDF
Banner Training/Access Request Form This form is used campus-wide to gain access to assorted Banner pages and processes. To be completed by requesting users and their supervisors. Prerequisite training may be required. Finance Security PDF
Cash Exchange Form This form is used when exchanging/changing money at the Cashier’s Office. Treasury Services PDF
Change Fund Request This form is filled out when requesting a change fund, which is specifically designated to make change for customers.  Change funds can take from 3-7 business days to process and fill the cash order, depending on the amount.  Please plan accordingly.   Treasury Services PDF
Changes to Equipment Inventory Record Changes in departmental inventories should be followed up with a submission of this form on a regular basis as equipment is relocated or responsible persons change. Updating this information will aid the annual verification of your departmental inventory. Equipment Management PDF
Communication Allowance Request   Payroll Page
Companion Travel Approval Form   Travel PDF
Cost Transfer Justification Form If a transfer is made more than 90 days after the original transaction or 60 days after the end date of the project, this form is required with the Journal Voucher. Sponsored Programs Accounting PDF
Delegated Card User Form   P-Cards PDF
Department Property Administrator Change This form is requested whenever a department intends to change their property administrator. This person will be the point of contact for our Equipment Management team. Please ensure they are knowledgeable about the assets in your department.

Equipment Management PDF
Departmental Deposit Slip Departmental Deposits must be submitted through ServiceNow. This PDF can be used within the department for reconciliation purposes if desired.  Treasury Services PDF
Direct Deposit Form (Non-Payroll)   Accounts Payable, Travel PDF
Direct Deposit (Payroll)   Payroll PAGE
Direct Pay Justificaiton Form   Accounts Payable PDF
Equipment in Storage Form   Equipment Management PDF
Equipment Off Premises Authorization   Equipment Management PDF
Fixed Price Certification Form   Sponsored Programs Accounting PDF
Fly America Act Waiver Checklist   Travel PDF
Foreign National Information Form   Payroll PDF
Foreign Status Form, Certificate of W-8BEN   Payroll PDF
Gift Card/ Cash/ Research Subject Log   Accounts Payable PDF
Gift-In-Kind Transmittal Form   Equipment Management PDF
Incident Report Form - Cash Handling This form is filled out when there is an over / short of $25.00 or more when reconciling cash. This form is to be kept within the department for documentation. Treasury Services PDF
Intent to Transfer / Sell Equipment on Campus   Equipment Management PDF
Interagency Shipping-Transfer Form   Equipment Management PDF
Late Fee Removal Request Request form for Student Late fee removal. Bursar's Office PAGE
Meals and Entertainment Form According to Policy 516 Meals and Entertainment this form is to be used when a meal is purchased. Attach this form to your Travel Reimbursement, it is not required when entering the required information and approval through Banner Workflow when meals are purchased on your p-card or when being reimbursed, the required information and approvals are entered on the Post Meals Form in USU EZ-Buy.

P-Card, Travel

Membership and Dues Form   P-Card, Travel PDF
Mileage Log Template   Travel Excel
Notice of Intent to Fabricate Equipment   Equipment Management PDF
P-Card Additional Information Form The Additional Information Form is not required, but it may be used as support documentation for P-Card transactions that could be viewed as personal purchases, but were made for official University business purposes. (This form may not be used for Meals or Entertainment.) P-Cards PDF
P-Card Application Form (Service Now) P-Card Applications are now being submitted through ServiceNow. The approvals will be routed to the appropriate parties for authorization. P-Cards PAGE
Perkins Cancellation Request   Busar's Office PDF
Perkins Economic Hardship Request   Bursar's Office PDF
Perkins Forberance Request   Bursar's Office PDF
Perkins Master Promissory Note   Bursar's Office PDF
Perkins Unemployment Deferment Request   Bursar's Office PDF
Property Loan Agreement   Equipment Management PDF
Reallocation Transaction   Payroll PDF
Request for Research Cash Advance Fund This form is used to request cash that is used to pay for Human Research Participants. For more details and guidelines, please visit our Research Cash Advance Funds webpage. Treasury Services PDF
Request to Retire Assets   Equipment Management PDF
Screening Record Form   Equipment Management PDF
Sponsored Student Promissory Note   Bursar's Office PDF
Supplemental Payroll Forms   Payroll Page
Substitute Receipt Form (Accounts Payable)   Accounts Payable PDF
Substitute Receipt Form (P-Card)   P-Cards PDF
Substitute Receipt Form (Travel)   Travel PDF
Temporary Petty Cash Fund This form is to be filled out when requesting a temporary petty cash fund. Temporary petty cash is used for one-time events or temporary situations. Treasury Services PDF
Travel Direct Deposit   Travel PDF
Travel P-Card Application Now Online through ServiceNow Travel Online
Volunteer Effort Certification   Sponsored Programs Accounting PDF
W-4 | Employee's Witholding Allowance Certificate This links to a PDF hosted by the IRS. Payroll PDF
W-9 | Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification This links to a PDF hosted by the IRS. Purchasing PDF