All Policies & Procedures

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Document Description Used By Filetype
CASB Disclosure Statement (DS-2) CASB (Cost Accounting Standards Board) F&A Agreements PDF
Cash Handling Policy This links to HR Policy 530. Treasury Services, PCI Compliance Page
Cash Handling Procedures   Treasury Services, PCI Compliance Page
Cash Handling and Credit Card Training   P-Cards Page
Cost Share Policy   Sponsored Programs Accounting PDF
Cost Transfers Policy This links to HR Policy 581.   Page
Direct Pay Payments   Accounts Payable Page
Equipment Account Codes and Definitions   College Accounting, Equipment Management PDF
Equipment Management Form Instructions   Equipment Management PDF
Equipment Management Procedures Manual   Equipment Management PDF
Fixed Price Residual Procedure   Sponsored Programs Accounting PDF
Gift Cards   Accounts Payable Page
Gifts & Awards   Accounts Payable Page
How to Access Payroll Information Instructions for accessing employee pay stubs, direct deposit info, and electronic W-2 forms. Payroll PDF
Indirect Costs Return Allocation Process of Overhead Funds   Sponsored Programs Accounting PDF
Internal Controls Guidelines     PDF
Investment Policy     Page
Labor Redistribution Training     PDF 
Meals and Entertainment Form   P-Cards Page
Memberships and Dues Payments   Accounts Payable PDF
Moving Expenses Paid to New Employees   Accounts Payable Page
Non-Capital Equipment Procedures   Equipment Management PDF
Nonpayment on Sponsored Awards   Sponsored Programs Accounting PDF
P-Card Procedures   P-Cards Page
Payroll Policies   Payroll Page
Pre-Inventory Checklist   Equipment Management PDF
Research Cash Advance Fund Guidelines   Sponsored Programs Accounting Page
Staff Benefit Rates Here you can find the current rates used in computing the actual charges for each benefit category in a given month.  We also have an archive of our past rates available for reference, but all new calculations should be done with the current rates. College Accounting PDF
Student Club Definitions Financial guidelines and requirements for departmental student clubs. College Accounting PDF
Subaward Policies and Procedures   Sponsored Programs Accounting PDF
Time and Effort Reporting Policy   Sponsored Programs Accounting Page
Time and Effort Reporting Procedure   Sponsored Programs Accounting PDF
Tracking Non-Capital Equipment Procedure   Equipment Management PDF
Trade Out Policy   College Accounting PDF
Travel P-Card Procedures   P-Cards  
Travel Policies & Procedures   Travel Page
USU Data Standards   Finance Security PDF