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The USU Payroll office processes payroll for all USU benefited and non-benefited employees. Located in the Controller's Office in the basement of Old Main, we are happy to help you with any questions concerning your paycheck. Feel free to call or stop in with any questions regarding payroll deductions, withholding taxes and W-4’s, direct deposits, and end of year tax statements (W-2’s). 

Accounts Payable/Payroll Direct Deposit

  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter your A# and strong password, followed by Microsoft MFA authentication
  3. Enter your direct deposit information for Accounts Payable and Payroll (if employed by USU)
  4. If you have any questions, please call The Controller’s Office at (435) 797-1011

Mailing Address
USU Payroll
2400 Old Main Hill
Logan, Utah 84322-2400


Julie Gaines

Accounting Assistant | W-4 and Direct deposit changes, Graduate Assistant payroll processing, Graduate and Hourly payroll garnishment payments, Payments for Benefits and Deductions, 1042 questions

Office Location: Old Main 26
Phone: (435) 797-1059

Lisa Hudson

Accounting Assistant | Hourly and Salary Payroll Processing, Salary payroll garnishment payments, Benefit and Deduction updates and changes, W-2 Questions

Office Location: Old Main 056
Phone: (435) 797-1028

Tammy Johnson

Payroll Manager | Salary Payroll & Taxes, Benefit & Deduction Changes, Payments for Benefits & Deductions, Non-Resident Alien Compliance & Tax Status Evaluation, Adherence to Non-Resident Employment Guidelines

Office Location: Old Main 029
Phone: (435) 797-1066

USU Eastern Payroll Members

Lisa Sherman

Payroll Liaison

Office Location: Price Utah, WIB 146
Phone: (435) 613-5373