Direct Deposit for Payroll

If your new position isn’t set up in Banner ACCESS, please fill out the paper form.

Updating Direct Deposit Information for Payroll

Direct deposit updates for Payroll are done in Banner ACCESS.

Before you update your direct deposit information, review the notes below regarding the direct deposit system.

Last Account Must be Remaining Amount

USU does not process checks for Payroll. All funds must be paid via direct deposit. Please make sure you select "Remaining Amount" for your last account. If you do not select "Remaining Amount" for the last account, USU will adjust your direct deposit before payroll so that your last account will receive the remaining amount.

How Percentages Work

When you enter a percent in your direct deposit the system will pay that percent of the remaining net amount to that account.

Percentage Example

Assuming your gross paycheck amount were $120 and the net amount (amount after deductions) was $100. If your first account was 50% $50 would be sent to the first bank account. The remaining net amount for the second account would then be $50. So if you specified 50% for your second account it would pay $25 to the second account (and not 50% of the total net amount). $25 would be remaining and would need to be assigned to a third account, or if you meant to send the other 50% (100% of the remaining net amount) you would need to choose 100% or "Remaining Amount."

Direct Deposit Common Issues

Routing Number Error

If the System doesn't accept your routing number, please contact the Payroll Office at (435) 797-1059.

Saving Changes

You will not be able to save changes until you check the box in the bottom left of the screen. Once you've made your changes and checked the authorization box the "Save Changes" option will be activated.

Saving changes

Can’t Find Your Routing and Account Numbers?

Please refer to the example below to help you find the ABA/bank routing number (denoted in red) and the bank account number (denoted in blue) on a check. Direct deposit may be made into checking, savings, IRA, or other accounts. If you do not have a check for the account you're adding, contact your bank or financial institution to obtain the ABA/bank routing number and account number.

Check Example

On the bottom of a check the first nine digits are the bank routing (or ABA) number, the next digits are the bank account number, and the last digits are the check number. You'll need the routing and account numbers to fill out the direct deposit form.