Travel Responsibilities

Travel Specialist (Level 10)

The Travel Specialist should be customer service oriented and an expert in regards to university travel. They should be knowledgeable in regards to Travel Policy 515 and all travel procedures.

The Travel Specialist is responsible for any questions, problems, or clarifications needed by the traveler, Business Services, or the Travel Office.

The Travel Specialist should be the contact for all travelers and travel initiators within their college. Travelers and initiators should work directly with the Travel Specialist for complete and accurate travel authorizations (TA) and travel reimbursements (TR).

The Travel Specialist is responsible for ensuring the complete accuracy of all TA/TRs with special attention given to the following:

  1. Itinerary dates are correct (itinerary dates should reflect true dates of travel and comments/explanations made for receipts that fall outside those dates). Itinerary dates need to include personal days and be clearly documented in the comments.
  2. Departure/Destination should be accurate and complete. If there are multiple destinations, all destinations should be listed
  3. Mileage logs should be accurate and include dates, departure, destination, and miles traveled. The total on the log must equal the amount on the TR. If there isn’t a log, any mileage discrepancy between the departure and destination must be explained. (Mileage log template)
  4. Expenses should be listed in the correct categories. “Other” should only be used when the expense type is not listed elsewhere on the form. Some examples may include tips, wi-fi, and laundry.
  5. All receipts should be attached, readable, and equal the totals listed on the TR. Any discrepancy should be noted in the comments.

Comment fields or attachments need to be used to clarify any possible questions in regards to the Travel.

The more information provided on the TR results in quicker approvals, faster reimbursement and less questions in the event of an audit.

Business Services (Level 200)

  1. Ensure all support documentation is attached and all information is entered into ServiceNow Travel.
  2. Reallocate from the index default account code if necessary.
  3. Verify that all University Policies are followed and the transaction is within budget.
  4. Approve the travel documents.

Department Approver (Level 300)

  1. Verify travel expenses are business related.
  2. Verify that all required support documentation is attached.
  3. Approve the travel documents.

Department Dean/Vice President (Level 400)

  1. Verify that the membership or dues is in accordance with Policy 522 Membership and Dues.
  2. Verify that the alcohol purchase is in accordance with Policy 516 Meals and Entertainment.
  3. Approve the travel documents.