School Leadership - MEd

Emma Eccles Jones College of Education & Human Services

About This Degree

The MEd in Instructional Leadership prepares potential university administrators and K-12 school leaders for Utah's Schools by providing training based on the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS), Utah Education Leadership (UEL) standards of the Utah State Board of Education (USBE), and/or the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC).

What You Will Learn

The Program combines coursework in leadership and management with specific training in curriculum and instruction to meet the demands placed on today's education leaders. The program includes a focus on assessment at both the school and classroom levels and the effective use of data to drive decisions in schools.

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At a Glance

College: Emma Eccles Jones College of Education & Human Services

Department: School of Teacher Education and Leadership

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Program Requirements

Career And Outcomes

Career Opportunities

Because this program leads to recommendation for higher education/student affairs and/or K-12 professional staff positions, it is primarily designed for people who intend to become administrators in college/university or K-12 school fields (vice presidents, directors, assistant/associate directors, coordinators, staff assistants, principals, vice/assistant principals, superintendents, etc.).

If students are not planning to pursue an administrative career path in the immediate future, the program can still help them enhance their skills and provide them the option of moving into educational administrative positions in the future.

Job Outlook



Heather Newell

Lecturer, Instructional Leadership
Office: EDUC 395
Phone: 435-797-4143

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I have not applied or been admitted, even if I've taken a USU Concurrent Enrollment course

I am a current USU student

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Admission Requirements

Application Requirements:

  • Complete the online application
  • Pay the $55 application fee
  • Have a 3.0 or higher GPA on your last 60 semester credits or 90 quarter credits
  • Provide transcripts of all college/university credits
  • Provide three contacts for letters of recommendation

International students have additional admissions requirements.

Note for the Administrative/Supervisor Concentration students (not the Higher Education/Student Affairs Specialization students): The minimum requirement for admission is a standard Utah State Office of Education license and at least one year of teaching experience. However, acceptance is much more likely after completion of at least three years of teaching experience.


The department has the following recommended deadlines (and reserves the right to admit students beyond the deadline):

  • Fall semester – June 1
  • Spring semester – November 1
  • Summer semester – March 1
  • Phone interviews are held approximately three weeks after the admission deadlines

Program Requirements

In addition to coursework, all students must complete an internship in a school setting.

Plan Options

Students can receive the MEd by pursuing the following plan option:

  • The Plan C option does not involve a thesis or a defense meeting and is comprised of coursework only.

Take The Next Step

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