Office of the Provost & Chief Academic Officer
Registrar's Office

Name Title
Adam Gleed Assistant Registrar
Andelyn Ball Records & Articulations
Brandy Reeves Records & Articulations Supervisor
Caitlyn Layne Student Services Coordinator
Celeste Hampton Catalog and Curriculum Coordinator
Charles Hellberg Academic Scheduling - IVC Scheduling Coordinator
Courtney Streich Academic Scheduling - Program Coordinator
Danielle Bowen Catalog and Curriculum Coordinator
Daylin Myers Associate Registrar
Fran Hopkin University Registrar
Holly Wirth Records & Articulations
Jessica Hansen Assistant Registrar
Jessica Mathews Records & Articulations
Josh Badger Student Services Coordinator
Kaelei Lowry Registration
Kay Carver Registration Supervisor
Kolette Thompson Administrative Assistant
Kristi Swainston Data Analyst/Programmer
Kristi Tuttle Records & Articulations
Kurt Adison NCAA Eligibility Coordinator
Lauren Cordova Concurrent Enrollment Program Assistant
LuAnne Bladen Business Officer
Melanie Bowen Accounting Assistant
Nicole Fuerst Academic Scheduling - Program Coordinator
Robert Coup Student Services Coordinator
Toni Gibbons Assistant Registrar

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UMC: 1600
Fax: (435) 797-1110
Address: 1600 Old Main Hill, Logan, UT 84322-1600

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