Jon M. Huntsman School of Business

Name Title
Elizabeth Graham Salesforce Administrator
Heather Johnson Event Coordinator
Holly Fjeldsted Development Director
Kate Sargent Webmaster & Integrations Specialist
Kristyn Allred Director - She's Daring Mighty Things
Morgan Kuethe Project Coordinator
Brian Weller Corporate Relations Specialist
Chad Simon Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Dave Patel Associate Dean of Student & External Affairs
Bianca James Building & Venue Coordinator
Douglas Anderson Dean and Presidential Chair
Gina Stonehouse External Relations Coordinator
Tonya Davis Employer Relations Director
Julia Westover Executive Assistant to the Dean
Kevin Rice Executive Director of Corporate Partnerships & Community Relations
Carmella Johns-Andruk External Relations Manager
Steve Larson External Relations Manager
Thomas James IT and Lab Supervisor
Frank Caliendo Senior Associate Dean and Professor
Shara Gibbons Director of Enrollment and Analytics

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UMC: 3500
Fax: (435) 797-3929
Address: Huntsman Hall 481, 3500 Old Main Hill, Logan, UT 84322

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